At long last, the post-vacation chaos has started to die down and I can share all of my pictures from Mexico with the world! How is it ...

Mexico 2016

     At long last, the post-vacation chaos has started to die down and I can share all of my pictures from Mexico with the world! How is it that everything in the world has to happen right after vacation? Shouldn't that be illegal? It should be required that a person has a post-vacation, ease you back into life week...

     Vacation was a blast! Our trip started off with waking up way too early in the morning to catch our flight to Cancun. Our flight was nice and quick, it only took about two and a half hours instead of the three hours that we were anticipating. We made it to the shuttle to take us to our resort, and lucky for us, we were the first stop! Our resort, Secrets Silversands, was about 15 minutes away from the airport, while other groups had about a 40 minute drive.

     When we got to the resort, they gave us the sales pitch, asking us if we wanted to upgrade our room to an ocean view room. We said, nah, we'd rather see what our current room is first. We wound up with a beautiful ocean and garden view because we were on the top floor. There also wasn't anyone in the rooms around us, until the last two days. It was really peaceful. Plus the rooms themselves were gorgeous! They are super modern and very neat. The only complaint would be the bathroom situation.. which was open to the rest of the room so you could enjoy the view from the bathtub. The toilet was "closed in" by a glass door which didn't actually shut. This being a couples' resort, nothing says romance like spending a week hearing bathroom noises.. If you weren't comfortable with you significant other before this, you sure are now!

     The weather was beautiful the whole time. There was only one day where it was overcast for about 20 minutes. That day, we were on the beach, and we all took a nap on the beach until the clouds blew away. It was so great!

      We spent the whole trip bouncing between the beach and the pool. The beach was a small, and the ocean was a little rocky, but it was beautiful. Even though it was small, it was the right size for the resort, and it never felt crowded. There was a "preferred" section of the beach, which no one was ever at. There weren't any huts or umbrellas in that section, but the chairs were much more comfortable! There were bartenders who came down to the beach to make sure you always had a drink.

     The pools were really awesome too. There was an infinity pool, which was really neat. It was pretty cold, but I liked hanging out in that pool. Surprisingly, there weren't ever many people in that pool. The main pool was happening though. There were tons of activities, like aerobics classes, sports contents, and dancing in the main pool. Also, there was a bar built into the pool, so you can see why most people liked hanging out in that one. If you wanted to socialize, that was the pool to be in.

     Speaking of activities, every morning except for Sunday, there was a beach side yoga class. The class was taught in this little covering/hut right out on the ocean. It was beautiful and serene. I didn't go every morning because I was too busy having fun, but it was still one of my favorite parts about the trip. I didn't take near as many yoga pictures as I had hoped for, but the ones I do have turned out awesome. These resorts host different yoga teachers every week, and I could really see myself doing that one day..

     The resort had tons of good food too. Every morning, there was a breakfast buffet. They made some really excellent Mexican style eggs. For lunch, you could either go to a buffet, one of the poolside restaurants, or there was a barefoot bar that served snacks and hamburgers. We were normally too full from breakfast, so we just ate snacks for lunch. At dinner, there was tons of variety in restaurants. There was an Italian place, a steak place, a French place, a seafood place, a Mexican place, and a Japanese place.

   Out of the whole trip, our favorite place to hang out was at the beach bar. We went there every night after dinner. Sitting by the ocean, having a few drinks, and feeling that amazing breeze.. I don't think there was anything better than that. Some nights it was even almost cold sitting at that beach bar. We also hung out there during the day a few times. We spent almost the whole first day there, and we went there later in the week after getting pretty sunburned the day before.

     Everyone keeps on asking me how I'm making the adjustment from vacation back to work. Originally, my response had been, "Well, being here is not the same as waking up, taking a few steps, and doing yoga on the beach, but I'll live.." But now that the past two weeks have gone by, I am begging for another vacation. The world has done it's worst to make sure to remind me that work is work. I have been more busy these past few weeks than I was in the whole month leading up to vacation.. and I was busy then too! Ah, life..


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