In case you weren't aware, in 20 days, I will be laying on a beach. Jim and I started planning this trip to Mexico all the way back...

Countdown to Vacation: 20 Days!

     In case you weren't aware, in 20 days, I will be laying on a beach. Jim and I started planning this trip to Mexico all the way back last July. Of course, at that point we didn't know where we were going to go, or who would be able to go with us. But we knew a few things: beach, booze, and tons of friends.

Photo Credit: Secrets Silversands
     Jim and a few of his guy friends have been going on trips like this for a few years, but last year they didn't get to take one. So this year, we wanted to get as many people as we could to go. Originally, we had 16 - 20 people interested in going.

     You can imagine how hard it was to plan anything with a group that big. Picking a date range alone was tough, especially since we wanted to go in spring, but avoid most of the spring breakers. Budgets varied widely, but we settled on price ranges that would work for everyone. Then the planning got really difficult. Different things were important to different people. Some people wanted to go to Costa Rica or Panama while others wanted to go with the familiar Mexico. Some people wanted to go to a place with less families and more nightlife. Some people were more interested in the quality of the beach, but others were more interested in what food options were available. The list goes on and on..

     Eventually, we decided on a beautiful resort in Cancun, Mexico. We'll be going to Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancun. It looks like a beautiful resort, and it's rated 4.5/5 stars on TripAdvisor. One of the couples that was planning on going with us had actually been to this resort before, and they loved it. Sold.

Photo Credit: Secrets Silversands

     Like with most things in life, the unexpected came up, and our group of 16 - 20 has been cut down to 10. A few couples couldn't find babysitters, and another just got pregnant and can't go thanks to the Zika virus. Ten is still a pretty good number, and we are super excited to have so many awesome friends to come with us! We even get to meet up with some of our friends who live a few states away.

Photo Credit: Secrets Silversands
     This is going to be my first "real vacation" that I am paying for with my own adult money. It'll also be my first experience at an all-inclusive resort. I absolutely cannot wait to spend time on the beach, and you can expect tons of beach yoga pictures. Our days will be spent lounging on the beach and at the pool, day drinking with our friends. It looks like there are some great restaurant options for dinner. There is a surprising variety, with lots to try! The rooms all look beautiful too, which will be perfect for spending the evenings with my Jim.

Photo Credit: Secrets Silversands
     Obviously, I am beyond excited for this trip! It has been in the works for months, and I am way overdue for a vacation. The countdown began a long time ago, but I feel like 20 days is an appropriate amount of time to start gushing.


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